Out Processing – Day 13

It feels very strange to have nothing to do.  All the teams went out today but myself and a colleague are staying in-house because we have to do all the paperwork to end our deployment (out processing).  We followed up on some cases by phone today known as “hot shots” and I can feel myself winding down…and longing for home.

I wanted to thank  you all again for reading along.  Please know that I would love to have you continue to connect with my blog.  While I don’t usually post everyday like I did here in NYC, a former student of mine from Portland State, Ben, recently inspired me to get active here again so my goal in 2013 is to post at least twice a week.

As I stated earlier, when I get home and have had some distance from here and a little time to process, I will write some more…my way of getting closure on this amazing experience.

I will usher in the new year in my quiet little apartment in the cold of Superior, Wisconsin but as cliche as it may sound, I will do so with a renewed perspective on how fortunate I am and at the same time, how fragile our lives really can be.  I hope that the valuable lessons I have learned here will not be soon forgotten.

As per my custom (and as is with so many others), I will be reflecting on 2012 and setting goals…seeking a vision really…for 2013.  And in that light I wish you all a meaningful and reflective holiday.  “Talk” to you soon!


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  • Ben says:

    Best blog on the planet, Terry. A light bulb turned on in my head while reading these entries. As always, thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your incredible journey. Happy 2013!

    P.S. You look great!

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